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Form 1095-C and 1095-B Filing Process

Our outsourcing services are designed to make your life easier. Read these simple steps to understand the process.

Step 1: Determine how many forms you are required to file. Check Reporting Requirements to determine form type and count.

Step 2: Choose between the following two options:

Option 1:

Self-service Hosted Solution

Use this option if you have only a small number of forms (250 or less). You can either key or upload your information using our specially designed Excel templates. After you submit your forms to us, we print and mail copies to employees and e-file with the IRS. You can print your copies from your end at any time. We offer two self-service, easy-to-use websites for this. Please visit or for more information.

Option 2:

Complete Outsourcing Solutions

If you have too many forms and you want us to take care of everything from importing your information to printing, mailing, and e-filing, then choose this option. We import your data into our systems and print and mail recipient copies and e-file with the IRS. We also provide you with electronic copies of your statements via email.

If you have decided to use our outsourcing solution, then please contact us to get a quote.


Outsourcing Process Overview

1095-C Outsourcing Process overview

Outsourcing Step 1: Once you decide to use our service, sign up with us by signing the Service Agreement form. This agreement describes our service and data transfer and retention policy.

Outsourcing Step 2: After we receive the agreement we request you to provide your test data. The testing process could take a long time, depending on your data, so it is recommended to start this process as early as possible.

Outsourcing Step 3: Reserve a date on our calendar for mailing out the forms. Our schedule fills out fast, so we recommend that you start the process now. Getting onto our calendar confirms that your forms will be mailed out in time for the deadline.

Outsourcing Step 4: Provide us your data in our Excel template file. Data should be in the same format as in Step 2. We import your data into our system and run validations to check for any formatting and business rules errors. If we find errors, we work with you to fix those errors. Once all errors are fixed, we upload data into our system and provide you a checklist, so that you can validate and confirm that we can proceed with the filing.

Outsourcing Step 5: We print and mail your forms on the date decided in Step 3. If you have provided your employees’ email ids, we attempt to deliver their forms electronically. For those employees who do not wish to opt for e-Delivery, or if we do not have their email ids, we mail out their statements.

Outsourcing Step 6: We e-file your forms with the IRS by the end of March to make sure your forms we meet the due dates for e-filing. Delaying e-filing helps employees report any issues with their statements and helps us in correcting any errors before e-filing.

Outsourcing Step 7: Once we receive the e-file confirmation from the IRS we send you an email informing you of the completion of the e-file process.

Corrections Process: If you notice an error on a form before it is e-filed, we can correct the error and reissue the form to the employee. This corrected information will be e-filed with the IRS. However, if you detect the error after the form has been e-filed, we need to file the corrected forms. The correction process starts at Outsourcing Step 4.

Like the simplicity of the whole process? Then do not wait any longer, click the link below to request our quote and start the process.


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